Ford Makes Decision To Go Electric

28.08.2022, 3:08 pm | Contributor from Ceibeno Motors
Ford made a decision recently to have their vehicles transition from gas to electric in order to comply with the new carbon emissions reduction initiatives. We've already seen this announcement made with GM Motors and it should come as no surprise that Ford has decided to go down this route as more companies become environmentally conscious. When will gas vehicles phase out? Well, in reality; not now, but maybe the use of them could be obsolete by the time 2070

Peer to peer sharing on the rise

24.08.2022, 10:33 am | Contributor from University Essentials
Have you ever heard of peer to peer sharing? It is the new way to rent a vehicle as opposed to the traditional way of renting a vehicle through Avis, National, Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, etc... Each day more consumers prefer to rent a vehicle from an everyday consumer like themselves as opposed to dealing with these major